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Now that you have the foundation, let's take it a step further.

Our partners at Coast to Coast Nutrition bring you a 2-week sample meal plan based on the principals we learned from the Fuel Guide. 


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Elsa Chu

Elsa is an RD based in Montreal, Quebec. She works in private practice with ultimate athletes, helping them reach their peak performance. Elsa plays for Iris Ultimate. You can reach her for a private consultation at elsachu0@gmail.com


Daisy Lin

Daisy is an RD based in Vancouver, BC. She works in a hospital setting, as well as in private practice for athletes. Daisy plays for Traffic. You can reach her for a consultation at daisylin.yz@gmail.com 


In-depth recipes and instructions

Click the embedded links on each recipe or follow the recipe listed, carefully revised for easy and efficient use of your time.


Grocery lists and ingredient swaps

Grab the grocery list for each week and head to the store, with a page dedicated to ingredient swaps for each individual's needs.


Detailed scheduling with 42 meals over 2 weeks

You're covered for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for two weeks. Save time each day with carefully designed meal prepping. 

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