Nutrition Guide for Ultimate Athletes

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Extensive research by two registered dietitians who both play elite club ultimate. This comprehensive guide is an invaluable tool to get you and your team to perform at the highest level. 


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Elsa Chu

Elsa is an RD based in Montreal, Quebec. She works in private practice with ultimate athletes, helping them reach their peak performance. Elsa plays for Iris Ultimate. You can reach her for a private consultation at elsachu0@gmail.com


Daisy Lin

Daisy is an RD based in Vancouver, BC. She works in a hospital setting, as well as in private practice for athletes. Daisy plays for Traffic. You can reach her for a consultation at daisylin.yz@gmail.com 


Nutrition Benefits

It comes down to a lot more than your performance on the field. It is a focus that can improve your mental toughness and your general well-being.



A step-by-step guide of what, how, and why you should eat during tournaments. This list is dynamic and built for all types of eating habits.


Training Fuel

As you push yourself physically, get the tools to recover faster and push harder. Allow yourself to BE Better than Ever.

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